US Visa Online Application and Document Requirements for USA Visa

A citizen of another country who seeks to enter the United States commonly should initially get a U.S. visa, which is put in the traveler’s passport, a travel report issued by the traveler's nation of citizenship.

Certain International travelers might be qualified to travel to the United States without a visa in the event that they meet the necessities for sans visa travel. The Visa segment of this site is about U.S. visas for outside residents to head out to the United States.

At times, particularly if you submitted your application at a visa centre in place of consulate, you might be requested to offer more papers. Once it's expired, a fresh application must be submitted.  Don't make the error of believing that the on-line application is all you require. To be certain that your mortgage application is going to be processed as speedily as possible, it is necessary to bring all of the required information to your loan application interview.

In case the application is denied as a result of failure to fulfill the great character requirement, the applicant might have the choice to appeal or reapply. Admittedly, the visa application is a complex process particularly for first-time applicants who aren't familiarized with the process. ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) visa application can be found on US government website and also there are several third party sites which supply the application.

If you submit an application for your visa you want to supply 2 passport sized photos and your application form. Your visa has to be obtained before travelling into India, because there is not any way of having one issued on arrival and there are not any exceptions. It is extremely important that you comprehend what a visa enables you to do and not to do. Without regard to the objective of the visit, it's mandatory to secure a valid visa.

Any particular person who requires a visa or has a visa already does not will need to finish the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) process before traveling to the USA. Be notified that Form I-797 isn't a visa and cannot be utilized in place of a visa. The visa can be gotten in another nation's consulate or embassy. ESTA visa is excellent service for travelers who wish to visit US for brief trips. Electronic ESTA visa for USA is not hard to obtain but it's readily available for short journey that's up to 90 days.

If you are eligible for the Visa, you can live and work in the USA with your family for so long as you desire. If you try to apply for the US visa alone, you may use many different ways. It is not hard to apply for US travel visa under VWP as you merely need filling ESTA application to acquire permission to enter in the US territory.

Documents Required for US Visa Application

There are a few documents that the government office (embassy) or consulate of the US requires from every application regardless of what kind of visa they wish to get. Be careful to have all these documents when you turn in your visa application.

  • Original passport and old passports, if any
  • Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of submission of the visa, with a minimum of three blank pages
  • Two copies of the first and last page of your passport
  • The visa application form duly filled (online) by the applicant, under the guidance of our travel experts
  • 2 recent passport-size colour photographs taken against a white background with matte-finish (size 50 mm x 50 mm and 80% face close-up)
  • Note: Photograph should not be more than 3 months old, scanned/stapled and should not be used in any of the previous visas.
  • Covering letter mentioning details of travel, details of the traveler, purpose of visit and duration of stay. The letter should be duly signed by authorized signatory with company stamp and addressed to the Consulate General of the United States of America, Mumbai
  • The applicant's sponsor needs to furnish the following documents:
  • Invitation letter
  • Sponsorship letter stating the declaration of support
  • Financial documents of the sponsor
  • Proof of residency - Green card or a valid visa of the Invitee from USA

Type of US Visa

Before you start your application process, you'll have to realize which visa category you're applying for. While the list of both non-immigrant and immigrant categories is genuinely comprehensive, the common visa classification for tourists and general visitors to USA is B1/B2 or Business or Tourist visa as they’re popularly known.

Many Type of Visas Offered By US - Visa Type and Purpose

A                                           Foreign government officials and diplomats

A1, G-1, NATO1-6               Visa Renewals

A-2, NATO1-6                      Military personnel of a foreign country stationed in the U.S.

B-1                                       Amateur and professional athletes who are competing for prize money

                                             Business visitors

                                             Nannies or domestic employees

B-2                                       Visitors for medical treatment

                                            Tourists, vacationers and pleasure visitors

BCC                                     Mexican Border Crossing Card

C                                          Transit in the U.S.

D                                          Crew members serving on aircrafts

                                             Crew members serving on sea vessels

E-1                                       Treaty traders

E-2                                       Treaty investors

E-3                                       Australian professionals and specialty workers

F-1                                       Language and academic students

F-2                                       Dependents of F-1 Visa holders

G1- G5, NATO                    Designated international organization’s employees and NATO

H-1B1                                 Chilean FTA (Free Trade Agreement) professionals

                                            Singaporean FTA (Free Trade Agreement) professionals

H1-B                                   Physicians and highly specialized occupations requiring specific industry knowledge

H2-A                                   Temporary workers for seasonal agriculture

H2-B                                   Temporary workers for non-agricultural professions

H3                                       Primarily non-employment training programs

H1-C                                   Nurses travelling to areas that have shortage of healthcare professionals

I                                           Information media representatives and journalists

                                         Exchange visitors

                                            International cultural exchange visitors

J-1                                       Au-pairs exchange visitors

                                            Professors, scholars and teachers as exchange visitors

J-2                                       Children under the ages of 21/ Spouse of J-1 holder

K-1                                      Fiance

L                                          Intra company transferees

M-1                                     Vocational students

M-2                                     Dependent of M-1 holder

O-1                                     Foreign nationals possessing excellent knowledge and abilities in the fields of art, science, education, athletics or business

P                                         Entertainers, artists and athletes

Q                                        International cultural exchange visitors

R                                        Religious works

TN/TD                                Mexican and Canadian NAFTA professional workers

T-1                                      Human trafficking victims

U-1                                     Victims of crime, criminal activity