Italy Visa Application Requirements or Documents Required for Italy Visa

Italy is one of the Schengen countries of Europe; Italy is a country synonymous with delicious food. World's seventh biggest economy, the Republic of Italy, is situated in the core of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a zone of 301,340km2 and a populace of 60,483,973. It has risen up out of the Roman Empire, which was one of the best European domains to have at any point existed. It is additionally a lovely nation and attracts a large number of tourists as individuals hoping to discover work and live in Italy long haul. But depending on which country you are a citizen of and what your purpose and duration of travel is, you might possibly need to apply for a visa to enter, live and work in Austria. Before you feel free to do that, it is important to find out what the Italy visa requirements are and which visa you are eligible for. 

If you call for a visa to enter Italy and endeavor to enter without one, you're going to be refused entry. Based on your country of citizenship, you may require a visa to enter Italy. In the event the visa is denied, your passport is going to be returned to you at the ending of the interview, together with a letter explaining the factors for the visa refusal. Notwithstanding the sort of visa being applied for, applicants should note they need the next documents. Based on the objective of your travel to Italy, there are various sorts of visas that will apply to the occasion. A double-entry visa provides you another opportunity to return to Italy after leaving.

Even if it's the case that you don't require a visa, you will require a valid passport. Whether you are going to need a visa or not, will be contingent on the data you enter. Check here to see whether you require a Schengen Visa. Learn the Non-EU countries where you are able to GO with a Schengen VISA!

If you would like to remain in the country longer than 90 days you would want to submit an application for a residence permit. In the lack of a principal destination (e.g. same period of stay in a couple of countries) you should apply at the nation of first entry because your passport will reveal the entry stamp of your very first destination only. As soon as you exit the country you aren't going to be permitted to return even if you haven't spent the quantity of days permitted by the embassy on your visa. If you intend to visit other Schengen nations, Italy should be the country where you'll be spending the largest number of days.

The visa costs vary based on the kind of visa and age of the applicant and some other exceptions mentioned in the text. Citizens of different countries who must go to the UK need to submit an application for a UK visa. If you're in need of a passport photo for Italy, you are aware of how important it's to be certain your photo turns out correctly the very first time. The Grand Canal If you speak about the most well-known outdoor place in Venice then it's the Grand Canal known as the city's key street. Being the northernmost city of Italy, the Venice is among the most renowned travel destinations on the planet.

The website was created for your convenience and simplicity. You will have to have a minimum of two blank visa pages, and might be requested to prove you've got sufficient funds and a return airline ticket. So as to fulfill Italy visa requirements, there's a generic collection of documents that you want to submit to the embassy, irrespective of which type of Italian visa you're applying for.

To help you in drafting your trip itinerary, here's a list of the greatest places in Italy for you 1. Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it's almost not possible to stop by the country entirely in one trip if you aren't on a really long vacation over here. Proof of sustenance in the sort of charge cards and travel cards to show that you're able to sustain financially in Italy. Italians are a number of the sweetest, friendliest people on Earth, so fear not; they'll be delighted to aid you. is one of the leading e-travel service companies in India providing Tourist visa & Business Visa Services in Delhi-NCR. Less frictional work helps users to get VISA in less time. At Visa Deal, we strive to offer B2C & B2B services of most up-to-date and highest standards enabling travelers to apply online for visas to virtually any country in the world. If you have chosen to settle in Italy and going for Holidays then you must be somewhat patient. Italy holiday tour packages from India with visa on If you want to apply tourist visa, you can apply tourist visa 3 simple steps on visadeal.

Documents Required for Italy Visa

  • The Applicant should have a passport (and one photocopy of the same) which must be valid for at least six months beyond the visa expiry date. Passports valid for more than 10 years will not be accepted as the main required travel document. It is mandatory to have two blank pages opposite to each other.
  • One visa form carefully completed, dated and signed by the applicant. The form can also be completed electronically and printed out.
  • Three recent color passport size photographs with a white background, not older than six months, size of the photo 35 x 45 mm, size of the face in the photo from the top of the head to the tip of the jaw. Photograph should not have any stapler or pin marks disfiguring the face or background and must be pasted on the form.
  • A Covering Letter from the Company Explaining the Purpose of the Visit.
  • Flight Reservation (Not a Paid Ticket), 
  • Travel Insurance for Duration of Stay in All Schengen Stay 
  • Hotel Booking, Matching Onward Visa.
  • Certificate of Employment in Original from the Current Employer (Last Six Month Salary Slip and Employer Leave NOC from Company.
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds. 1) Bank Statement for the Last Six Months Original with Bank Stamp. 
  • If Any Self Employed-Please Provide Company Letter Head, Current Bank Statement with Bank Stamp, Company Registration Copy
  • Last 6 Months Bank Statement In Original With Bank Stamp. (Personal)
  • Last 3 Years Income Tax Returns.
  • Any Other Saving - Copy of FD, Mutual Fund, Insurances or Property Papers. (If Any)

Types of Italian Visas

Have you decided to relocate to Italy? Before getting Italy visa, first fulfill the requirements and it is good to know what the different categories of visas available are and which one you should ideally be applying for. In addition to a list of generic documents requirements mentioned above, every visa type needs the applicant to submit a few specific documents that may not be needed if they are applying for a different category of visa. It’s important to determine which visa you need before you move.

Business Visa:

Business visa is for those who are planning to visit Italy for temporary work related purposes i.e. visiting a business/company to have meetings, to make business deals, to recruit or other similar activities, you will need to hold an Italy Business Visa. However, do keep in mind that this does not grant the applicant to take up new employment in Italy or any other Schengen country. The documents required for applying for a business visa are:

  • Invitation letter from the Italian organization you will visit and their location alongside your travel dates 
  • The invitation letter must also mention how the expenses of the applicant are going to be covered during his/her travel. It must be made clear whether it will be sponsored by the employer or the local Italian company.
  • Registration Certificate of the inviting company.
  • A letter from your employer.
  • Proof of trip financing.
  • Bank statement from the last 6 months

Tourist Visa:

This is probably one of the most popular Italian visas individuals apply for! This visa is intended for those hoping to visit Italy for under 90 days for leisure or tourism purposes. According to Italy Visa Requirements, the following documents are required to be submitted especially for a tourist visa application to the embassy:

  • Invitation letter with the address and phone number from family member or sponsor – if applicable
  • Bank statement from the last 6 months
  • Proof how you will be financing your trip to Italy.
  • Passport copies

Visa for Sports, Cultural Activities or Film Crew:

This is a special type of visa given to applicants who want to travel to Italy to participate in cultural or sporting events. In addition to that, this visa additionally allows consent to film group to shoot a film in Italy. Reports required to be submitted to satisfy Italy visa prerequisites for this class are:

  • Invitation letter from the concerned authorities with details of the nature of events or activities. This letter must also mention the purpose of visit as well as how expenses will be covered
  • List of names of all travelling crew members
  • Entry tickets to the event.
  • Enrollment conditions.
  • Detailed program of the event in Italy.
  • Proof of previous performances.
  • Duration of stay

Student Visa: 

You can apply for a student visa if you are over 18 years old. This category of visas is required only for applicants who intend to study in an Italian educational institution, conduct research or even undergo some kind of educational training and internship for a specific amount of time. The documents required to be eligible for this visa are the following:

  • An enrollment certificate of an offer letter showing acceptance into a course or training program
  • Certificate of completion or courses attended earlier
  • Financial sustenance or proof of sponsorship/scholarship
  • Internship agreement. 
  • Declaration of Value of the applicant’s educational certificates duly legalized by the Consular officer of this Consulate General.

Official Visit Visa:

If you are an individual from an official assignment which following an official welcome are to participate in conferences, dealings, consultations, negotiations or trade programs, just as in explicit occasions held in Italy, at that point you should apply for an Italy Visa for Official Visit. The following documents will have to be shown to the embassy in order to be eligible for this visa:

  • Identity of applicant
  • The official invitation copy
  • Purpose of journey (negotiations, meetings, event by intergovernmental organizations, consultations)
  • Duration of stay
  • Details of accommodation

Transit Visa:

If Italy is not your destination country, but instead you only need to land at one of the Italian airports, in order to take another flight that will take you to your non-Schengen destination country, you will need to apply for an Italy Airport Transit Visa.

As per Italy visa requirements, a transit visa is required if you foresee a layover of a few hours in Italy before heading to your destination. But only applicants from a few countries need to obtain this visa. The list includes the following countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • Banglades
  • Ethiopia
  • Eritrea
  • Democratic Republic of the Cong
  • Ghan
  • Iraq
  • India
  • Iran
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Myanmar/Burma
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Syria
  • Turkey

In order to get an airport transit visa in Italy, you will need to submit a copy of your valid visa for your final destination. For all other countries not mentioned on this list, a transit visa is not required if you plan to stay within the international transit area in the airport.

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